Crowd Sourced People Powered

Leveraging the best ideas from your team:

Fewer Meetings, Greater Results, Quicker Decision Making

The best tool on the market for measuring the results of coaching

The best team on the market for helping you do culture work at scale

Ask Questions

We make it possible for you to go directly to the source of all of your problems and all of your solutions and ask them to help you solve your most valuable and complicated ones together.

Uncover Truth

Our unique software opens up an anonymous idea exchange among all of your people. For companies and individuals that want to know. There is no other offering of this kind.

Results Fast

There have always been companies that attempt to do what we do. Some of them are really good too! Problem is tooling. We can accomplish 12 months manual effort in our first 2 hr session.

  • Master of games for your next event
  • Massively scalable anonymous assessments
  • Live coaching calls
  • Scrum Coaching
  • Transformational Organization and Leadership Coaching
  • Online coaching/training bootcamps, on-site custom bootcamps, and long term private coaching models


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The Creators


James: Having access to an entire team at the touch of a button allows me to help organizations make great decisions that move them forward quickly. I show my clients how to create high performance questions, or conduct the crowd sourcing exercise for them. Creating agile and high performing teams is second nature to me, and now this tool can drastically improve your ability to leverage the knowledge in your organization.


Nick: As a business development coach, I focus on building organization that thrive. Utilizing this crowd sourcing tools helps me take the guesswork out of client engagements and puts the leaders in the drivers seat to make positive change. Understanding your people and listening in to their thought processes through crowd sourcing information is revolutionizing businesses in any and every industry.

  • "Magic happens when people get together and have an open honest dialogue. Group 'A-HA' moments are priceless."
  • "James's energy has helped us push through some tough spots, and he has created an atmosphere the people want to be a part of. I am better to have met him; he should probably get a raise."
  • "I am encouraged by the radical transparency."
  • "Scrum has been a great idea. I hope that the entire company will embrace it! "
  • "Just give SCRUM a chance, that is all that is necessary. Listen to the things that scrum has to offer and be open to them. At first it may seem like nothing is getting done, but it eventually will!"
  • "James Kies has been very good at coming in and installing a passion around what scrum can provide to help improve our outcomes. He has been open to adapting his standard coaching to incorporate our needs around extremely short-time frame project. He has an incredible knack for understanding complex issues we are wrestling with and distilling it down to the most important elements that must be decided."
  • "Drawing things out and identifying potential issues/concerns is much cheaper and faster than trying to write the SW first and then figuring out where the problems are."
  • "I would like to see the entire division go through this scrum/motivational training. It really bothers me that we are in a position where we are shooting for 'C+' software. I understand why, but we have to get to a place where we can "delight" the customer instead of "minimally satisfy" the customer."
  • "Scrum has awesome advantages and possibilities. The training is valuable and will undoubtedly reap rewards that exceed its cost."
  • "This is my third day working with James. He does a good job of presenting concepts, then standing back and letting us go, then jumping back in with observations as necessary. I like that he's focusing us on real issues rather than 'toy problems.'"
  • "James has great ability to teach true scrum. Along with that he given honest insight into what he observes and has capacity to change the culture of a team quickly. I recommend this opportunity in producing value for your company."
  • "James did an excellent job of introducing us to Scrum. The hands on coaching approach he uses was vastly more useful than our prior (failed) attempt to introduce Agile/scrum development principles some years ago. Applying it directly to real , not hypothetical problems made me see there is a route forward."


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We combine gaming concepts with massively scalable (1k+ participant) group sizes to unleash a megastorm of hidden gold, unignorable truths, and powerful problem solving.

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